From the Ceiling

I’m home from the gym and all I want to do is to shower all of this sweat off of me! I walk into the bedroom and I see a restraint dangling from the ceiling above the middle of our California king bed. I stop in my tracks as you tell me that I have five minutes to shower, dry myself, and oil my entire body.
You tell me the clock has started and I make a dash for the bathroom!

I am full of anticipation as I quickly wash under the hot flow of the shower. I wonder what naughty things you have in store for me as I hear you call out that I only have 2 more minutes! I turn off the deliciously hot water and step from the shower. I quickly towel dry my body and grab the oil. My hands glide over my skin with the slippery silkiness of the oil! My hands glide over my breasts, down my tummy and over my thighs. I get more oil and caress my ass, slightly squeezing it as I cover it in oil!

I’m rubbing the last bits oil into my breasts as I step into the room and find you standing next to the bed, a belt in your hand. You tell me to get on the bed and kneel under the restraint. I lift my hands over my head so that you can bind my hands into the restraint. Once my hands are secured, you tell me that I am over my five minute limit and that I will be punished. Before I can ask what the punishment will be, you bring the belt back and strike me hard on my ass three quick times.

My breath catches in my throat as you caress my ass where you just spanked me. I try to turn to see you but you grab my hair, forcing me to arch my back as you bring the belt down on my ass again. Three more strikes and then your caress. You repeat this three more times before I’m begging for you to fuck me!

You let go of my hair and drop the belt as you stand on the bed in front of me. With my hands still in the restraints, you tell me to open my mouth. Your huge cock slides in and deep into the back of my throat. You hold yourself there, not letting me move my head. Its only when I start to gag that you pull your shaft back just a little. Immediately you slide back down my throat, filling my mouth with your hardness.

You fuck my mouth relentlessly, pushing every inch that you can into my mouth. You are so big and thick that I can barely open my mouth wide enough for you. You hold my head tightly and fuck my throat, grunting your pleasure with each thrust. Your hips move faster and faster as you begin to climax. Your hands tighten even more around my head as you release into my throat, making sure you give me every drop of you.

You slide out of my mouth but you are still rock hard. You give me a little evil smile as you release my hands from above me but you keep them bound together. You push me back onto my back and put my thighs over your shoulders. You push deep into my dripping wet pussy and pound me so hard that my orgasm rips through me instantly. My entire body shakes with pleasure as you stroke deep into me. You are balls deep inside of me when you cum again! Your body tightens as you fill me with your hot cum!

You slip out of me and roll off of the bed. I think you are going to get the key to free my hands but you come back with the ankle restraints. You wink at me and tell me you’ll be ready for the next round in a few minutes!

Smooches xoxo,
delicious daydream

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