Be ready

You text me saying you are ten minutes away and to be ready and waiting when you get there.

I strip down nude. I walk to our beautiful front foyer, sink down onto my knees, bend over and let my face rest on the the marble. My ass is up and my face is down, your favorite position.

I am patiently waiting for you with my pussy and ass ready for you when I hear you open the front door. My pussy throbs with anticipation.

I hear the click of your shoes on the marble floor as you put your keys on the entryway table. I hear the rustle of cloth as you take your suit jacket off and loosen you tie. I remain supplicated as you roll your shirt sleeves up.

The sound of your shoes against the floor grows louder as you walk to me. You walk a slow circle around me, taking in my nude body, stroking your cock through your pants.

Your circuit around me stops when you get directly behind me. I hear the sound of your zipper as you unzip. I can picture your huge cock bursting from your open zipper. I breathe heavily waiting for your touch. You make me wait, not saying a word and not touching me. I squirm with anticipation. You reward me with a punishing slap to me ass.

You move directly behind me, placing the tip of your huge cock into my dripping wet pussy. Only the tip and nothing more. I try to move backwards onto you but you hold my hips still. You hold the head there for another minute before you finally push into me. I’m so wound up that I cum on this one thrust. My thighs shake with orgasm as you begin to thrust into me.

You mount me and pound. You pound feverishly, releasing your days stress into my pussy. Three more thrusts and you cum deep inside of me. You completely empty yourself inside of me before you slide out.

You help me to me feet, give me a kiss and a slap on the ass.

Welcome home baby!

Smooches xoxo,
Delicious Daydream

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