On a journey for juicy cakes!

Sooooo, I’m on many journeys in life. I’m on a journey to build a business empire. I’m on a fitness journey to make my body as delicious as I envision it. I’m on a journey to be as good of a person as I can be. I’m on a journey to do what makes me happy first and foremost and screw what people think. I am also on a journey to get/build/make/purchase myself some juicy cakes!

I was more than blessed in the ta-ta area. I am completely in love with my girls! They are beautiful. Delicious. Juicy. Jiggly. Just simply amazing! My backside, however, is another story. When the derriere line formed, no one told me. Unfortunately, there is no junk in my trunk. I love when a girl has a beautifully proportioned body. That coke bottle shape is what I want, curvy in all the right places.

Don’t get me wrong, my trunk isn’t completely empty and its not deficit but its definitely not even a quarter full. I just want a booty! Not a fantastically voluptuous booty like Miss Nicki Minaj, something smaller but still round and delicious.

I want to be able to take selfies from behind and my cakes are on full display looking all fabulous! I want to wear sundresses and have the silhouette of my peach on full display. I want to wear a pair of jeans of hear Ginuwine singing In Those Jeans in the background. I want to put on some leggings and run my hand over my bubble. I want a yummy booty yall!

I want this booty by any means necessary. Ok, wait. I take that back. By any healthy and safe means. The fix-a-flat to the ass is definitely not an option. I’m definitely willing to work for it. I keep seeing these posts that all I need to do is squats and BAM! I will have a donkey booty! Yall, my knees don’t like squats. I do squats for two days and my knees rebel. Thank goodness for squat alternatives, I’m a fan! In my fitness journey of losing this muffin top and the biscuits from my back, I’m all about building my booty. I’m giving myself a full year to build the best booty that I can. At the end of that year, Ill consider surgical options. I’m definitely open to them relocating my body fat to the rear. I’m here for it girl.

I’ve been lax on my start date, so lets make today day one of my booty building goal. Today is August 22, 2017. I’m giving myself until August 22, 2018 to build the best booty that I can. If I’m happy with my results then Ill skip the surgery, because really, who wants to have surgery??? But, if my butt isn’t on pointe then Ill gather my coins and make it happen! I’ll keep yall updated! Wish me luck!

Smooches xoxo

Delicious DaydreamIMG_2703

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